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 Willkommen Professores
“La Tesis” die Transmediale Bachelorarbeit

La Tesis is organized into 4 parts. Each part will focus in one topic, there are 3 main topics with an AR experience (prelude doesn’t have):
Design Leadership
MGMT Kommunikation
Experiential Marketing 

Each of the 3 main topics have an internal page inside this website, there you will find the AR experience (each one different) and will be identified with a AR simbol on the top right of the coin image, give it a little bit of patience for loading - Like with the NFC tags, i also use another experimental technology with full of marketing potential, the application of AR into browsers without needs of an app is still under development. 

I hope you enjoy a little bit of Not User Friendly stuff, i think yes, i remember when you Professor Schulz explained with the Nutella that they make it hard to take the last part of the jar to keep you in. Somehow here...